Your creative team just around the corner

Creanza is a modern-style full-service advertising agency.

We don’t overcomplicate your work as client. There’s no phoning, making an appointment, briefing, debriefing and quotation, order confirmation, planning…

Before you know it, a week’s gone by.
We think that what you, the marketing department, want is a creative team just around the corner. Nice people who will make time for you the same day, jump straight into an exchange of ideas and just get on with it. An energetic team that’s good at filling in the blanks and quick to reach an unexpected solution.

Creanza: we don’t make things difficult. We’re the creative and production extension of your marketing department. We know your product or service like the back of our hand, know our way around the organisation and give substance to your marketing plans, in our Eindhoven studio or, if that would be faster, at your location. Whatever works better.

Meet the team

Providing service is in my DNA and it's my goal every day, together with my team. It gives me a huge kick to link quality to flexibility!

John van HelvoortFounder

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Ron BaarsAdministration manager

Why hang your head when you can square your shoulders?

Ria HendriksDTP and project management

Design follows function...
It's hard work trying to present complex matters as clearly as possible. Naturally, you can do that with catchy design or artistic extravagances. Personally, I prefer to design as little as possible, applying the art of omission. It leaves so much more room to show what it's really about: your story!

Tom BongersArt Director

What do I do? I see it as copy pasting for the advanced! And I'm still as mad about shape and colour as I was during crafts at nursery school. I'm so glad I get to combine my passion with my work.

Mandy van der SteenSenior Designer

My work says more about you than it does about me.

Max RomboutDesigner